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DIGITAL SKY LLC is a small company specializing in extreme wide-angle, high-resolution astronomical images for television, cinema, advertising, print, and research. What is "extreme wide-angle? We have developed hardware and software for the seamless assembly of astrophotographs to produce panoramic images up to 360 degrees wide. What is high resolution? One of our high-resolution frames is capable of resolving over a million stars.

Our images are available in the format you need:

  • Video and Video Animations
  • Film Digital Formats
  • Camera Ready Art
Some customers include:
  • PBS/Nova
  • Hayden Planetarium (New York)
  • Adler Planetarium (Chicago)
  • BOA Pictures LTD (London)
  • NHK Public Television (Tokyo)
  • Space.Com (US and Canada)
  • Software Bisque
  • Louisiana Art & Science Museum, Pennington Planetarium

For more information about our images, licensing, wholesale posters and prints, contact Chris Huff 773 761 4481

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